All artworks are created digitally on an iPad Pro (2nd Gen for any gadget heads out there,) with an Apple Pencil (1st Gen,) using either Procreate, Affinity Designer, or a combination of the two. We welcome fan art too if anyone is keen to create some on a topic we’ve covered on the podcast, or perhaps to introduce us to a topic you’d like us to cover! Send all submissions as a jpg or png, (no larger than 2k pixels along it’s longest edge,) here and we’ll mention you on the show, (unless instructed otherwise,) and show it off on a fan art gallery page! Lastly, we make all of our own designs available on Redbubble, so you can buy our designs on lots of lovely products from t-shirts to stickers, to bags and all sorts in-between. All proceeds help fund the show and keep us creating content for you. Thanks!


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