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About Stories of Strangeness

Mike and Zoe have been interested in the areas of the paranormal and unexplained since childhood. Mike is particularly interested in the areas of Aliens, UAP’s (UFO’s), Conspiracies,The Occult, Cryptids, Psychic phenomena, and historical mysteries, such as ancient civilisations. Zoe is particularly interested in Folklore, Myths, and Legends, Cryptids, Hauntings and Ghosts, and historical mysteries too.

Mike has been a regular reader of the Fortean Times, and believes in a high likelihood that aliens exist, but doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Zoe describes herself as “on the cusp” of believing in ghosts, and is loving researching into topics of interest for the show. 

Both hosts will be producing original artwork for their episodes, which will be made available to purchase on varioous products via our Redbubble store. 

We want to:

  • Entertain our listeners
  • Share our knowledge in the areas of the paranormal
  • Learn more about those areas
  • Share personal experiences – ours and listeners
  • Discover more interesting cases
  • Search for context and links between cases, cultures, fads throughout history and other connections

Mike will mainly cover:

  • UFO’s/aliens
  • Conspiracies

Zoe will mainly cover:

  • Hauntings/ghosts
  • Folklore, Myths and Legends

Topics for either:

  • Cryptids
  • General Mysteries






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