In this episode, Mike tells us about the weird story of the Philadelphia Experiment, which saw a warship allegedly become invisible, disappear into hyperspace and teleport hundreds of miles and back and caused several crew members to be fused to the ship’s hull.

We also discuss how we’re now in the year that Mad Max was set in; why sausage rolls were banned in the 18th century; and more!

Here’s a rundown of the episode:

00:37 – Hello!

01:33 – Presented Piece: The Philadelphia Experiment

10:35 – The Matrix Has You Podcast Promo

11:35 – Discussion

15:41 – Snubbed on a horse

18:29 – Another layer of batshit on my crazy-ass sandwich

20:20 – Zoe doesn’t trust the military

25:15 – You don’t start with a warship

28:23 – Entering Mad Max territory

34:12 – Thankies

36:31 – Reviews

38:08 – Where to find us

41:34 – Fun Wierd Fact

Total Runtime: 42:48

Links – Wikipedia on The Philadelphia Experiment – How Stuff Works on The Philadelphia Experiment adelphia-experiment.html – on The Philadelphia Experimenté/dp/B07XYFQH84 – The Philadelphia Experiment film on Amazon– IMDB on The Philadelphia Experiment film

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