One of the things that marks us out from other paranormal podcasts is that being rather creative folks, we produce a new, original artwork to go with each episode, created by the presenting host of that episode. All artworks are created digitally on an iPad Pro (2nd Gen for any gadget heads out there,) with an Apple Pencil (1st Gen,) using either Procreate, Affinity Designer, or a combination of the two. We welcome fan art too if anyone is keen to create some on a topic we’ve covered on the podcast, or perhaps to introduce us to a topic you’d like to cover! Send all submissions as a jpg or png, (no larger than 2k pixels along it’s longest edge,) here and we’ll mention you on the show, (unless instructed otherwise,) and show it off on a fan art gallery page! Lastly, we make all of our designs available on Redbubble, so you can buy our designs on lots of lovely products from t-shirts to stickers, to bags and all sorts in-between. All proceeds help fund the show and keep us creating content for you. Thanks!


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