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Delving headlong into the world of the weird, Listen in as Zoe and Mike regale you with tales of Hauntings, Cryptids, Aliens, Conspiracies, Myths, Folklore and more!

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About Us

Zoe and Mike are here to bring you tales of things that:

  • Go bump in the night
  • Descend from the heavens for who knows what purpose
  • Bring portents, or tidings from another time and/or place
  • Collude secretly in the shadows
  • Act weirdly

Every two weeks, one of our hosts will pick a topic and deliver a prepared piece to the other, and then discuss it. And you get to ride along! You lucky duck.

Season 1: Episode 19    |    58 min

Latest Episode:


Episode 34 – The Rise of the Cat


In this episode, Zoe tells us about the odd relationship between humans and cats and how that came to be.

We also talk about weasel diets, witches’ teats and picking up dog poop. You know – the usual sort of thing.

Here’s a rundown of the episode:

00:28 – Hello!

01:23 – Presented Piece – The Rise of the Cat

09:32 – Promo – Prairieland Paranormal

10:10 – Discussion

44:31 – Fun Fact – Torpenhow Hill

45:17 – Where You Can Find Us Online

47:10 – Bye


Total Runtime: 47:47




Our promo partner this week is the Prairieland Paranormal podcast. Listen to Eric and Jessica bringing you the best from the world of the paranormal, including interviews, storytelling, and more!


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Thanks! See you next time – Mike and Zoe.

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Meet The Hosts





Zoe and Mike have been married for over 10 years. They live in East Anglia in the UK, near where Zoe grew up. They met in Bristol and Mike thinks they got engaged on a whim during an outing to the pub with friends, but Zoe assures him that they’d already decided to get engaged previously. They have a cat and a daughter.

Mike previously co-hosted and produced a Star Wars podcast called The Garbage Will Do, named after a line by Rey in The Force Awakens, and a one-man Dungeons & Dragons podcast called I Cast Pod!

Zoe took over hosting duties on The Garbage Will Do from a leaving member, but shortly after it ceased to be, due to scheduling difficulties. This is her first real foray into podcasting and she’s rather excited.



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